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Whether you’re looking to get stronger, leaner or simply healthier, consuming more protein is important.

We set up ProteinCrate to make it easier and more convenient to get better nutrition whilst enjoying the process (relying solely on protein shakes can get a little boring).

All of our snacks are suitable for vegans and also great for those who are lactose intolerant or find that whey-based products lead to bloating.

Veganism has a number of benefits ranging from living a guilt-free, cruelty-free lifestyle to material health benefits.

Our carefully selected snack box will help you meet your goals.

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What’s included in the box

  12+ Protein Snacks

Each box contains 12+ high quality products, such as protein bars, cookies, crisps and other snacks.

  High Protein

All products we send have a high quantity of protein per serving – that is our #1 selection criteria.

  Low Sugar

We aim to select products with a low sugar to protein ratio.

  All Vegan

All of our products are high-quality vegan snacks, we make no compromises.

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